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Pedestrian avoidance safety system, pass.

Heavy-duty vehicles have many potential energy storage devices that can be part of a hybrid system if appropriately controlled. Excess capacity creates an opportunity to augment the vehicle braking system and run the accessories when low-cost energy is available. With the addition of control logic, these elements can work in unison to store and release vehicle kinetic energy to further offset fuel usage.

  • Engine/System Fans – Thermal energy storage

  • AC Compressor – Compressed air storage

  • 12/24V System – Electrical energy

​DCS’s Intelligent Accessory Control will:

  • Realize efficiency gains through load management

  • Prioritize load scheduling based on accessory power consumption and available power from the vehicle

  • Provide seamless integration with multiple bolt-on options

  • Manage interdependencies of multiple subsystems

  • Take advantage of low-cost energy when available to drive accessories

  • Adapt control algorithms to driving conditions and accessory usage

  • Take advantage of synergies that exist at a system level to optimize control

  • Apply solutions that enable retrofits for older systems

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