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Comprehensive circuit design/modeling


DCS' Virtual Curve Tracer (VCT) is a critical element of a comprehensive circuit design/modeling tool suite for radiation-hardened systems. VCT allows your design team to observe characteristic DC and Transient sweep performance for devices in your discrete design library. VCT interfaces with your corporate electrical & radiation-enabled simulation environment and model library. Quickly generates device I-V curves at design-specific bias conditions and impedances. (Customizable to your needs.)

 VCT Simulation Capabilities  

Electrical Characterization

  • Bipolar Transistors

    • IC vs. VCE Family of Curves

    • Gummel Plots

    • Hfe vs. IC Curves

  • FETs

    • ID vs. VDS Family of Curves

    • ID vs. VGS Family of Curves

  • Capacitors and Inductors

    • Impedance vs. Frequency Plots

  • Diodes

    • ID and VD Sweeps


Post Radiation Exposure Degraded Functional Modeling

User-defined TID and Neutron Levels


Prompt Dose Response

User Defined Dose Rate Level, Pulse Width, Voltage Bias, and Test Circuit Parasitics

VCT facilitates rapid comparison and evaluation of SPICE model characteristics and measured device characteristics. 

  • Hardness Assurance engineers' quick assessment of RQUAL & RLAT data

  • Designer evaluation of marginal or non-compliant devices in existing designs

  • Designer visualization of device characteristics captured in models across environments

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