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System Intelligent Accessory Control

  • Heavy-duty vehicles have many potential energy storage devices that can act as part of a hybrid system if controlled properly. Excess capacity creates opportunity to augment the vehicle braking system and run the accessories when low cost energy is available. With the addition of control logic these elements can work in unison to store and release vehicle kinetic energy to further offset fuel usage.
    • Air Compressor- Compressed refrigerant
    • Engine/System Fans – Thermal energy storage
    • AC Compressor – Compressed air storage
    • 12/24V System – Electrical energy
  • DCS’s Intelligent Accessory Control will:
    • Realize efficiency gains through load management
    • Prioritize load scheduling based upon accessory power consumption and available power from the vehicle
    • Provide seamless integration with multiple bolt-on options
    • Manage interdependencies of multiple subsystems
    • Take advantage of low cost energy when available to drive accessories
    • Adapt control algorithms to driving conditions and accessory usage
    • Take advantage of synergies that exist at a system level to optimize control
    • Apply solutions that enable retrofits for older systems
  • Vehicle Smart Grid™
Intelligent Accessory Control Graph